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How smart buildings use IoT technology

Countless buildings, whether new or old, are being converted into smart buildings. The best and preferred method is to partner up with IoT technology companies specialized in smart buildings. Now you may have confusion lingering above your head as to what IoT technology is and what the hype is about. Let’s go over why IoT technology has been gaining so much popularity.


What is IoT technology?

IoT technology, also known as the Internet of things, is a technology that describes the network of physical objects referred to as ‘things”. These networks are established by using sensors, monitors, and other software. The purpose of these systems is to transfer the information and data with other software and devices on the Internet.


Smart buildings and IoT technology

Smart buildings use this IoT technology to increase the efficiency and sustainability of their structure. IoT technology includes many valuable elements like monitors, sensors, and specific systems made to collect data so that analyzing that data is made easy. 

Thus, the Internet of things helps smart buildings to analyze the data, monitor various building characteristics, and generate helpful insights around recurring patterns and usage trends to boost the efficiency of the building. 



Sensors are devices that work 24/7 and prove faster and efficient than the actual labor force you might hire for your building. Here are the common types of sensors that help restore the safety and cleanliness of your structure.


  • Monitor sensors

Sensors monitor the activity around your building and help you understand which area is crowded at which times and requires more attention. In addition, motion sensors detect motion, whether a person or an animal and alert you from any intruder or trespassers. 

Motion sensors play an essential role in upkeeping the security of your building and work around the clock to ensure safety which is better than security you might hire as it’s extremely common that employees slack off or drift off to sleep during their work shift. 


  • Contact sensors 

Contact sensors sense and notify you if there are any doors or windows that are open. These are extremely helpful and faster than actual employees, as employees are prone to error while artificial intelligence is mostly not.


  • Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors prove helpful when you need the temperature fixed at a specific degree as they ensure the temperature stays fixed to the set range. There are also self-learning thermostats included in IoT technology.


Automated cleaning systems

IoT technology also comes with its automated cleaning faculties that keep the air and environment of your building clean and pleasant. IoT technology helps attract more customers as visitors get a good first impression and want to return to your facility.

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