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Importance of Routines During Quarantine

The enormous scale of a global health crisis and its impact are naturally causing a lot of fear, uncertainty and anxiety across the world.


  1. Common Covid Struggles

Social distancing, social isolation, disrupted work and family routines, along with economic uncertainty, our existence and sanity have been hit on many fronts. The COVID-19 situation is particularly stressful because of the dynamic of the crisis with things changing from one day to another and making it too hard to predict how will things develop further.


There are a lot of things we cannot control such as how long will this situation last but there is still a lot we can do and one of the, is establishing a routine.


2. Why Having a Routine During Covid Is Important

Redirecting our energy towards things we have control over can help us cope better. We are creatures of habit after all. Disruptions to our usual routines can add stress to what is already a challenging time so create a new routine that can bring structure back into your life. It will prevent days from blending into each other.


Human beings are designed to thrive in stability and dependability as our brains and our bodies perform better if we can follow a regular schedule.



  1. How To Survive and Thrive During Covid

To begin, try to wake up and go to sleep approximately at the same time every day. Make a schedule that includes time for work, a healthy diet, physical activity and various kinds of self-care, along with other responsibilities.


Make time for self-care

Looking after yourself is an essential part of maintaining your energy levels and your resilience to stress. Eat a healthy diet, get as much fresh air as you can, get enough quality sleep, exercise regularly and make the time to do things you enjoy. A lot of successful self-care strategies involve a sensory component which means they activate seven senses.


Put your thoughts on paper

Stress and anxiety are often accompanied by an overactive mind, full of circling thoughts and worries. Putting them on paper is a great form of detox that calms a frantic mind.


Let the sunshine in

Quarantines are forcing us to spending less time outside which can significantly affect our mental health and lead to lethargy. Simply by getting more natural light into your home, you can improve your mental heath, productivity, concentration as well finances by lowering your UI CT costs. So open those curtains and let there be light.


Bring nature inside

Get a houseplant or some potted herbs or cut fresh flowers for a vase. Not only will plants liven up your home, tending to them is a restorative practice that can boost your well-being.


Adopt a positive mindset

The best type of optimism is one which is balanced and realistic. It means hoping for the best, while being prepared for the worst and looking for a silver lining. See this period as an opportunity to learn a new skill, get organized, or get ahead at work.


Limit Covid talk

Although you should stay informed, limit your exposure to a few trustworthy sources so you don’t get overwhelmed. There’s a lot to be worried about but you must not let it from stopping you in finding lightness and humor in each day.



Maintaining a hopeful outlook in these gloomy can be difficult. This whole crisis can seem sad, senseless, and overwhelming. But, keeping a routine, whether a new one or the one before COVID-19 — is an important part in helping maintain your mental and physical health, provided those routines are healthy ones. Having a routine can help us find meaning and construct something amid all this destruction. What can we learn from this? How can we emerge from this even stronger and better?


Don’t feel too bad if you go off your schedule from time to time, all that matters is that you have a routine to come back to. Remember, tomorrow is another day.

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