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Tips To Making Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer During The Day

New-age smartphones are characterized by larger screens and advanced features which tend to consume a lot of battery. In fact battery drainage has become a common issue for heavy users.

When you run out of battery suddenly, it becomes a setback in the fast-paced life especially when you don’t carry a charger along with you.

Therefore leading brands like Oppo are assimilating powerful batteries that are durable. Oppo a53s in one such model. Despite the long-lasting battery, the Premium Oppo A53s Price is reasonable.

Therefore Oppo’s new phone is a smart investment. We’ve put together some valuable tips to make your smartphone battery durable.

1. Don’t Overcharge Your Device

Factors that drain our mobile battery are hours of usage, level of screen brightness, kinds of apps that run, and others. You can easily prolong the battery lifespan by avoiding overcharging and overusing the device.

Wondering how to do that? Well, take intervals after playing high-octane games or watching live streaming videos.

You should also unplug your device after the charging gets completed. Another thing you can do to conserve the battery of your smartphone is by charging it between 20- 80%.

Oppo a53s price is justified by its superior 5000mAh battery and it’s very much within your financial reach.

Apart from this Oppo new phone, Motorola Moto G power, and Samsung Galaxy S phones boast an effective battery that can last up to 18 hours.

2. Switch On The Power-Saving Mode

If you’re stuck in a situation where you cannot afford to run out of battery and expect it to last longer than it normally does, then turn on the power-saving mode.

The power-saving mode restricts those tasks automatically that sucks the battery.

Oppo a53s has a durable in-built battery. But this doesn’t mean that the Oppo a53s price is haywire. The Oppo new phone is budget-friendly.

3. Minimize The Use Of Network Data

If you’re looking to extend the battery life of your device, then ensure you don’t use network data too much. Instead, turn on the Wi-Fi whenever you can. 

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4. Refrain From Using The Phone When Charging

This would seriously help you to prolong the battery. When you use your phone while charging, it has adverse effects on its battery longevity because the phone is inclined to draw electricity straight from the charger while it decreases the extent of power distributed to the battery.

Oppo a53s has a strong battery which makes it a smart buy. Wondering about oppo a53s price? Well, the Oppo new mid-range phone which does not burn a hole in the pocket.

5. Turn Down The Brightness Levels Of Your Screen

Brighter displays tend to drain a lot of battery. In Fact, the crisp resolution and abundant pixels are enemies to the smartphone battery.

Hence, curb down the brightness level of your screen and it will prevent both battery consumption and eye strain.

6. Switch Off Auto-Downloads

If you’re serious about saving the battery of your hand-held device, turn down the auto-downloads options. To do this, go to play store settings and tap on the auto-update apps and then click on the off option.

If you purchase Oppo a53s you don’t have to worry about the battery. The Oppo a53s price is also affordable. The Amazing Oppo New Phone delivers what it promises.

7. Don’t Run The Apps In The Background

When you’re not using the apps, refrain from running them in the background because that will drain your battery as well as eat up your data.

Thus, the wise thing to do is let the unused apps go to sleep, which you can do is tap on the App power management option from the device care section of your handset.

Finding Oppo a53s price to be a bit expensive? Does the Oppo new phone exceed your budget? Don’t worry, Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card will help you finance your dream phone.

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