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What to look for in a Virtual Trade Show Platform?

Today, the virtual events industry is filled with countless virtual trade show platforms.
However, the question is, how do you opt for a platform that is the best for an online
trade show event?

In this blog, we have got you covered with the top features you need to look for in a
virtual trade fair platform. Keep reading to explore the most requisite features of a
virtual event platform.

1 Automation

Automation is one amongst the most significant features of a virtual trade show
platform. It is so because the automation feature not only reduces the time but also
diminishes the expenses. Therefore, automation is one of the most vital features to look
for in a virtual trade show platform. It also eases down the event execution process to a
great level. All in all, a trade fair platform should be as automated as possible.

2 Customizable Features

The best platform for your virtual trade show is the one that provides highly
customizable features. While taking an on-site event to a virtual format, any organizer
would prefer to customize and personalize the virtual venue according to their
preferences. An advanced virtual trade show platform offers you excellent branding
solutions that help you maximize the reach of your event and also your company.

Hence, the virtual trade show service you choose must render you branding
opportunities for various sections of your online platform. Therefore, customization is
one of the most important features to look for in a virtual trade show event.

3 Event Management Tools

The format of virtual events is a lot different from an on-site event. Therefore, the
process of event management also evolves as the event goes online. A virtual trade
show event comes with countless aspects, from registrations, marketing, and promoting
the virtual event to managing the remote attendees over an online platform and

seamlessly executing the trade show. Therefore, it is vital for any virtual trade show
platform to have excellent virtual event management tools.

4 Stunning 3D Designs

Today, the most advanced virtual trade show platforms render the users with
exceptional and captivating 3D Designs. Not just this, these platforms are also well-
resourced with excellent 360-degree view features so your attendees can experience a
life-like virtual environment at the online trade show. By creating an extraordinary
virtual trade fair venue, you can provide your attendees with a memorable and lasting
virtual event experience.

5 Custom Designs and Templates for Branded Booths

Booths are one of the most important aspects of any trade show event as the major
audience interaction takes place at the booth. Therefore, the importance of an engaging
virtual booth at an online trade show is matchless. An advanced virtual event platform
provides you with excellent pre-designed templates for branded and content-equipped
booths. However, they also give you the excellent opportunity to customize your trade
show booths based on your requirements and preferences.

6 Excellent Networking Features

Networking remains to be the most important aspect of a virtual trade show event.
While attending the event, your attendees expect to network, maximize their reach,
generate leads, and interact with possible allies in the industry. Therefore, it is vital to
provide your attendees with excellent networking features. A high-level virtual trade
show platform provides you with the following networking tools:

● Business Card Exchange
● AI Matchmaking
● Networking Lounge
● Advanced Search Filters
● B2B Meeting Schedulers
● Networking Tables

7 Multi-Device & Compatibility

As you take an on-site event to a virtual venue, the possibility to reach a global audience
maximizes. Your target audience from across the world can attend the event. Therefore,
it is vital to ensure multi-device and browser compatibility at the platform you choose to
host your event in. It is so because you never know that which device or browser your
attendees are using. In case, the platform does not support a specific platform a few of
your attendees are using, your event will fail to reach them. Therefore, make sure that
the platform you choose provides excellent device and browser compatibility.

8 Exceptional Engagement Tools

Engagement is yet another vital aspect of a virtual event. It is so because while your
audience attends the event virtually, they are more likely to lose interest and feel
disengaged. It is possible that if your attendees have a tedious event experience, they
might even leave the event at the moment. Therefore, to keep them engaged, make
sure your virtual trade show platform provides exceptional engagement tools.

Mentioned below are some of the best engagement features:

● Gamification
● Captivating Booths
● Interactive Features
● Social Wall
● Photo Booths
● Signature Wall
● On Event Announcements
● Social Media Integration

9 Interactive Tools

Interactive features are the elements that further enhance engagement and event
experience at your virtual trade show. It also facilitates your attendees with networking

A well-resourced virtual trade show platform that provides the following
interactive tools:

● Live Polls

● Real-Time Q&A Sessions

● Chat Rooms
● Live Contests, Trivia, and Quizzes
● Multi-format Communication
● Group Chat and Calls
● Interactive Content

10 Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration plays a vital role at any virtual event, especially a virtual trade
show. It is useful for your event in various aspects. From registration & monetization to
e-commerce & social media platforms, third-party integration is significant in various
elements of the event. Therefore, choose a platform that is well-resourced with third-
party integration tools.

11 Accessibility Controls

To ensure that everything works and functions smoothly during the event, accessibility
controls are very important. With the help of proper accessibility at the event, you can
control what happens at the event. Hence, ensure that the virtual trade show platform
renders proper accessibility tools.

12 Proper Backend Support

A virtual event means countless technical aspects. Apart from that, the virtual world of
events is still new for many in the industry. Therefore, it is significant that the platform
you choose provides proper backend support before and throughout the virtual event.

13 Detailed Event Analytics and Reports

An advanced virtual event platform also provides the organizers with detailed event
analytics and reports of the virtual trade show. So, ensure that you receive proper
reports and analytics of your event, which can further help you plan and strategize your
future events.

Go on and organize a matchless virtual trade show by choosing a virtual trade show
platform that fulfills all your requirements.

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