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A Guide To Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery For Beginners by CNC Intel

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery Solutions

Bitcoin Scam Recovery provides a way to reclaim bitcoins stolen from fake brokers. Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery for Beginners by CNC Intel assists investors to locate and retrieve stolen cryptocurrency as well as e-wallets, funds, and cryptocurrencies.

With a rise in demand and price, Crypto has beaten gold’s prices. There is a rise in the theft of bitcoins and fraud. We are aware that the blockchain operates on a decentralized platform. This makes it difficult for the victim to search for assistance. Furthermore, it becomes impossible for victims to track transactions or e-wallets that have incorrect information provided by fraudsters.

Financial Fund Recovery is an established service provider for financial services. They are able to assist you to find your wallet trace and recovery of bitcoin scams funds recovery and many more services. Through a no-cost consultation, it’s simple to contact them and record all relevant information to begin your investigation. Initially, a Forensic team consisting comprised of detectives, researchers, and analysts verify the shared information. After that, they sort and tick the correct information.

Then the wallet tracing procedure is used to help generate leads and to solve the issue. We warn of fraud by explaining the issue to our clients with the hope that they don’t have another client being sucked into a scam like this.

How to Recover Scammed Bitcoin

CNC Intel provides solutions to those who have been scammed by bitcoin recover fraudulent as well as stolen bitcoin. Furthermore, you can also recover money that was lost due to the investment scams and trading in binary options as well as other types of scams. This article will explain the reasons why CNC Intel is the most effective method to recover stolen cryptocurrency and also other ways to retrieve lost funds.

CNC Intel has proved time and repeatedly that it is an option for fraud victims to recuperate their losses. Many people who have suffered financial losses due to scams like bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery investment scams and trading in binary options, and various other scams have sought help and were successful in recovering their stolen money with the help of CNC Intel

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

Making an investigation strategy

A preliminary forensic examination of a cryptocurrency’s address is often the initial stage in establishing an investigation strategy. This evaluation will assist in determining whether ownership attribution information and clustering analysis are easily accessible through Blockchain intelligence software. It can also provide background information regarding the possible difficulty of the investigation and determine the amount of time and money required to further study and research.

Fraud And Theft of Cryptocurrencies Schemes:

Fraud and theft schemes involving cryptocurrencies differ in the technical proficiency of the perpetrators and the steps they take to hide their identities.

Numerous factors – such as the level of activity in offshore or foreign jurisdictions – determine whether the process of investigation and dispute resolution are successful. In this regard, it isn’t an all-in-one solution.


The investigation of sophisticated Crypto tracing fraud requires an extensive approach, including an additional (non-blockchain) investigation which begins by reviewing the story of events and the timeline of the scheme in order to determine the existence of evidence of fraud and to determine the magnitude of the financial loss.

Investigating to discover the real identity and location of accountable parties could also involve digital forensics on email metadata domain servers or IP address geolocation. After the responsible parties are recognized, due diligence could be carried out to gather pertinent information about their background which includes a thorough investigation into their professional credentials, criminal history financial liabilities, as well as any evidence of involvement in previous frauds.

Crypto tracing

The research can include the gathering and reviewing of documents related to business, court filings financial records, open-source intelligence. If the plan originated outside of the United States, it may be essential to coordinate actions with local investigators from overseas.

Legal Discovery:

Other methods of fact-finding and legal discovery like subpoenas in civil litigation or warrants for criminal prosecutions could also be required to determine the true people who operate cryptocurrency scams.

Investigators can offer logistical assistance to the legal counsel of the client, such as vetting relevant subpoena target companies (e.g. KYC-compliant exchanges) and the examination of bank records as well as other documents that are obtained through a subpoena. For lawsuits involving class actions, it might be beneficial to interview and identify others who have been victims to be included as members of the class.

Investigators assist clients with making formal criminal complaints and coordinating the law enforcement authorities within the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions.

What Are Cryptocurrency Forensics and Asset Tracing?

Asset tracing and cryptocurrency forensics are methods for investigating financial transactions made on the blockchain. They are employed to locate criminals and track down assets.

The tracing of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is an integral part of the recovery and investigation procedure for those who have been victims of fraud online as well as hacking, theft and extortion scams. These investigations aid in the settlement of disputes and financial restitution by way of civil lawsuits as well as criminal prosecutions, and legal enforcement measures.

CNC Intel:

Conducts cryptocurrency forensics investigations for investors, law firms exchanges, regulators, and law enforcement agencies. Each investigation is led by a Certified Cryptocurrency Tracing Examiner (CTCE) or a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).


The company makes use of the latest technology and the most advanced equipment along and skilled personnel to catch cybercriminals and get them in the dock. In the course of an investigation, the team of CNC intelligence team will gather evidence, such as analysis of blockchain transactions as well as other information related to wallets. These can be used to begin legal action against the culprits.

When the legal procedure is completed, the agency will hand over the stolen currency to the customer who was harmed.

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